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Aldelo For Restaurants Media Display Software allows the use of an LCD screen to show customers order confirmation detail, marketing, and advertising content.

Aldelo Media Display software is a great replacement for the traditional customer pole displays. With Aldelo Media Display, clear and detailed customer order confirmation is achieved. Aldelo Media Display software also provides multimedia product advertising features to help restaurants better promote products and services. Media based advertisements display on the split screen layout, allowing customers to view the latest restaurant advertisements during order confirmation.

Aldelo Media Display Features

Detailed Order Confirmation
  • Detailed View of the Current Order Displayed On Screen
  • Clearly Displays Ordered Menu Item and Associated Modifiers
  • Clearly Displays Weight Information
  • Clearly Displays Discounts, Notes and Other Order Information
  • Clearly Displays Payment Tenders and Balance Due
  • Allows Offline POS Terminals To Display Specialized Station Closed Message
  • Works on Primary or Secondary Monitor Output

Multimedia Product Advertising
  • Ability to Create Multiple Advertisement Groups
  • Ability to Create Date and Time Based Advertisement Group Schedules
  • Multimedia Based Advertisement Files with Pictures and Videos
  • Easily Predefine Play Schedule In Advance
  • Easily Enable Automatic Termination of Play Schedules

How the order process works
1. Place an online order for the software
2. After processing, you will receive a serial number via email from Nurol
3. Call Aldelo at (877) 639-8767 and request a link and password to their download page
4. Use the serial number to unlock your new software add-on

Customers must have a valid support contract with Aldelo for support on the software add-on
    Compatible Operating Systems Windows Server 2008 with R2, Windows POSReady 7, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8 Pro
    NOT certified by Aldleo for Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Pro
    Tech Support None Included. Fee based support available.
    System Requirements CPU: 1.5 GHz or Better Intel Based;
    RAM: 1 GB or More;
    Video: Graphic Card with 8 MB or More Video RAM, and Supporting 800 x 600 Resolution;
    Output: Dual Monitor Extended Desktop Support Required if Used As POS Terminal;
    Hard Drive
    Software Return Policy All Sales Final - No Returns

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