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  2015 OPEN   August 2015 OPEN  August 1, 2015
EMV Solution for Microsoft RMS
 August 5, 2015
Shift4 with Microsoft RMS
 August 8, 2015
Nurol POS Partners with Square POS
 August 11, 2015
Service Packages for Lightspeed POS
  May 2015 OPEN  May 01, 2015
RMS path to EMV compliance
 May 10, 2015
NuRol partners with Lightspeed POS
  Feburary 2015 OPEN  Feb 06, 2015
Aldelo POS dealer program
 Feb 12, 2015
Updated Aldelo POS dealer pricing
 Feb 15, 2015
Under counter cash drawer advantages
 Feb 18, 2015
Web ordering for Aldelo dealer partners
 Feb 22, 2015
MagTek's IPAD with BridgePay and RMS
 Feb 25, 2015
NuRol partners with BridgePay
  January 2015 OPEN  Jan 30, 2015
Microsoft RMS and EMV compatibility
  2014 OPEN   December 2014 OPEN  Dec 15, 2014
New Microsoft RMS integrated payment solution
 Dec 18, 2014
Integrated Card Processing for Vend

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Nurol POS completes pilot installations for Lightspeed POS restaurant services package
August 11th 2015
Nurol POS completed a series of pilot implementations for it new service bundle for Lightspeed Restaurant POS. The bundle includes remote installation support, professional menu build and in depth training sessions for Lightspeed’s new restaurant solution. For more information and pricing contact your Lightspeed POS sales representative
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Nurol POS signs Square POS Partner agreement
August 8th 2015
Nurol POS is now an authorized Square Partner offering a complete selection of hardware and services including the Square Stand to the Square Up community. For a limited time merchants signing up for Square through Nurol receive their first $1000.00 in processing for FREE. To find out more, contact Nurol at 800-390-6623.
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Nurol POS completes Shift4 EMV implementation for Microsoft RMS using Ingenico iSC250 payment terminals
August 5th 2015
Nurol POS completed its first Shift4 EMV conversion for a prominent RMS customer. Nurol worked closely with Shift4 to provide the customer with a cutting edge EMV solution. The iSC250 is a best of breed device offering debit, credit, contactless, EMV and signature capture capabilities. To find out more, contact Nurol at 800-390-6623.
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Nurol POS rolls out EMV solution for Microsoft RMS
August 1st 2015
Nurol POS is currently shipping custom Verifone VX805 EMV approved payment terminals to their Mercury Payments customers. Stock is limited and now is the best time to ensure you are ready for the October switch. The VX805 is priced at $299.00 with free installation support by Nurol to all RMS users under a Mercury contract with Nurol as the dealer on record. To find out more, contact Stacey Wasserman at 800-390-6623 ext. 350.
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Nurol POS announces partnership with Lightspeed POS
May 10th 2015
Nurol POS announces an authorized reseller agreement with Lightspeed POS. Nurol will begin offering Lightspeed Retail to their thousands of customer nationwide as well as providing a full suite of services to compliment the product. Nurol POS will roll out services including data conversion, onsite installation, training, and payment integration nationwide starting May 2015. Onsite services will be available to our local Atlanta Georgia customers.
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Nurol POS offers Microsoft RMS customers a roadmap to
EMV compliance with the BridgePay Network
May 1st 2015
Nurol POS can now offer all Microsoft RMS customers a combination of advanced product to create a roadmap for them to accept EMV compliant payments. By leveraging technologies from BridgePay and Ignite Payments, customers can continue to use the powerful RMS retail software and ready themselves for the impending charges in the payment processing environment.
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Nurol POS signs partnership agreement with BridgePay Network
Feb. 25th 2015
Nurol POS partners with BridgePay to offer their Microsoft RMS Store Operations customers access to advanced payment options such as Apple Pay and to prepare for EMV implementation.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Nurol POS is a leading provider of point of sale and advanced payment processing solutions. Nurol POS partners with leading industry ISVs, payment processors and resellers nationwide to deliver total solutions to the SMB retail and restaurant market.

BridgePay Network Solutions, LLC (BridgePay) is a transaction gateway company specializing in providing turnkey payment application solutions. Utilizing industry leading data security technology and premium web-based solutions, BridgePay offers our merchants and partners a comprehensive suite of payment products to easily reduce the scope of PCI.
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Nurol POS integrates MagTek's IPAD encrypted payment terminal
with the BridgePay Network and Microsoft's RMS Store Operations.
Feb. 22nd 2015
Merchants using Microsoft RMS and the BridgePay Network can now add MagTek's advanced MagneSafe security features to their point of sale. ATM, debit, credit, gift cards and more are authenticated using MagnePrint a dynamically generated digital identifier that is already part of the presented card's magnetic stripe. Counterfeit or cloned cards are rendered useless.
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Nurol POS announces web ordering options
for its Aldelo for Restaurants dealer partners.
Feb. 18th 2015
Aldelo for Restaurants dealers and resellers can now order software licenses through the website. Call us today and let us help you set up your account.
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The advantages of using under counter cash drawer mounts
Feb. 15th 2015
In almost 20 years of providing point of sale solutions, we have sold tens of thousands of cash drawers. Cash drawers are the number one item stolen from retail or restaurant establishments and the theft often includes the damage of most or all of the POS system as the thief "smashes and grabs" everything. Having smart procedures such as removing the till after hours and keeping the drawer open also reduces risk of theft. I don't remember any occasions where a cash drawer securely mounted under counter and till removed was damaged or taken. For a small investment in mounts you can keep your cash out of sight and significantly reduce theft exposure.
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Nurol POS, a leading distributor of Aldelo POS restaurant software,
offers updated Aldelo POS dealer pricing program
Feb. 12th 2015
Our re-seller pricing program is easy to understand and has the following benefits:
• Three tiered pricing that is easy to understand: levels base on location sales
• Permanent price level achievement: no point resetting each year, once you hit a level its permanent.
• Our prices are often lower than buying directly from Aldelo
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Nurol POS announces enhanced dealer program
for Aldelo POS Restaurant Software
Feb. 06th 2015
Interested in becoming Aldelo POS dealer? We offer the industry's most competitive pricing and unmatched customer service. We also offer custom dealer service programs that include:
• Configuration support
• Custom menu builds
• Merchant training
• Payment processing solutions

Whether it's your 1st or 100th Aldelo deal, Nurol POS can help make your dealership more profitable.
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Nurol POS can help you with your Microsoft RMS and EMV compatibility questions
Jan. 30th 2015
A great way to get ready for approaching EMV requirements for credit card processing is to partner Microsoft's RMS Retail Management Solution with the BridgePay processing network. BridgePay ties directly into you RMS program and give you a wide array of payment options such as credit, debit, Apple Pay. Nurol POS can assist you with setting up a First Data merchant account or can work with a host of other providers to make the process as smooth as possible.
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Integrated Card Processing for Vend
Dec. 18th 2014
Nurol POS is now shipping Vend tablet based retail systems with integrated payment processing from Merchant Warehouse. The system features fully integrated and encrypted processing using the MagTek iDynamo reader and robust Vault Simplicity stand.
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New Microsoft RMS integrated payment solution
Dec. 15th 2014
NuRol POS and Open Edge (formerly PayPros payment processing) join to offer new and existing Microsoft RMS customers an integrated payment solution featuring the Magtek iPad encrypted card reader with built in pinpad and signature capture capabilities. Call today to learn more about this great option.
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