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…And many more
We've combined a full featured cloud based point of sale software package with industry specific POS hardware. This complete system is an excellent tool for improving the effiency of any retail business. All of it is available for as little as $99 per month with approved credit.

Local Metro Atlanta Georgia Customers
For our customers in the Atlanta Ga. metro area we can provide even greater value. Our local customers receive onsite installation along with their first hour of training.
NuRolPOS 18 years of experience
The NuRol Advantag
 The entire system is pre-configured and tested before being shipped.
 The software is Pre-loaded and registered to your company.
 All hardware components are configured with all software drivers loaded.
 We label the system so that plugging in the components is really easy.
 Most systems ship within 2 to 5 business days of receiving your order.

We want you to be up and running as quickly as possible so we include:
• Over the phone / web based Installation Assistance.
• 2 Hours over the phone / web training.
   Platinum Care technical support is available.

This Complete POS System Includes:
 1 Year of Lightspeed POS Cloud Based Retail Software Learn More
• Easy to Use
Lightspeed sales screens are intuitive and easy to navigate allowing for quick customer service, and making it easy to train new sales associates. Most item edits and payment options are accessible from a single screen.

• Customer tracking
You can build a customer database with purchase history. Keep track of what your customers want and allow special discounts for your best customers.

• Service tickets and special orders
Create service orders, track customer items with serial numbers, and allow for deposits on special items or services. All of this is attached to the customer's history so you can track sales and service.

• Prepare Purchase Orders
Generate purchase orders from within your POS. Order the same item from multiple vendors. Track unit and shipping costs to calculate your profits and margins.

• Track Purchase Orders
Multiple statuses for creation, ordering, checking-in and receiving items keep your inventory data accurate.

• Reorder Items before They Sell Out
Never miss a sale due to forgetting to reorder a hot item! Once stock reaches a specified reorder point, Lightspeed Retail will let you easily add it to your next purchase order.

• Special Orders
Customer wants to buy something that’s out of stock? Save the sale by placing a special order; it will be added to your next purchase order and be held for your customer.

• Centralized Purchasing
Use Master Orders to easily manage PO’s across multiple vendors, and combine PO’s for multiple stores, including transfer requests, special orders and reorder points.

• Unit Costs, Profits, and Margins
Get access to more than just raw sales numbers; understand what your inventory is costing you, and which items are most profitable for your store.

• Shopping Insights
Multiple reports to analyze sales performance to determine your store’s layout, create an ideal product assortment, and track the effectiveness of in-store promotions.

• Employee Performance
Strategically schedule and task your team with a detailed report of their performance, including break-downs by sales, profits and product categories.

• Advanced Reporting
A visual snapshot of the most important elements of your store. Real-time stats on top-and-bottom sellers, comparative numbers across multiple locations, and a mobile app that lets you see what’s happening in your store — wherever you are.

• End of Day Summary
A detailed accounting of the day’s sales, refunds and applied taxes. Use it keep tabs on trends and overall store performance on a day-to-day basis.

• Centralized Inventory
All of your stores share one database, negating the need to re-enter product information, and making it easy to do cross-store item lookups, transfer and purchase for multiple stores, and analyze performance across all locations.

• Easily Add New Locations
Building a new store is hard. But adding it to Lightspeed Retail takes just a few clicks.

• Pricing
With the new multi-store pricing, it’s easy to set specific selling prices for each SKU on a store-by-store basis, and see all of them on the product details page.

• Portable and Temporary Locations
Want to set up a pop-up shop, or sell your wares at conferences or local markets? Lightspeed Retail’s mobile POS tools make it easy to set up temporary storefronts.

• Transfer Between Stores
Out of stock at one location, with plenty at another? Transfer your inventory and keep your customers satisfied.

Lightspeed POS iPad Retail Sales Screen

Lightspeed POS iPad Retail Payment Type Screen

Lightspeed POS iPad Retail Tender Screen

Lightspeed POS PC Browser Retail Sales Screen

Lightspeed POS PC Browser Purchase Order Screen

Lightspeed POS PC Browser Reporting Screen
 Credit Card Processing Option Learn More
This system is available with EMV chip card processing.
NuRolPOS can provide you with excellent rates through one of our preferred processors.
Process credit cards with the latest technologies such as EMV chipped cards, and NFC like ApplePay or Google Wallet. This processing option allows these payment types to be integrated into point of sale system.
Get in touch with us to find out how we can save you money with great rates and a reduction in charge backs through EMV protection.

Phone: 1-800-390-6623
Click Here to Contact Us

Processing requires gateway, hardware, and transaction fees that will vary based on processing account details.
NuRol EMV card processing
 All in One Touch Screen Computer with Integrated Thermal Printer Learn More
A computer, touchscreen, and receipt printer all in one package.

This remarkable device allows for an extremely small footprint on your sales counter. It combines a capacitive touchscreen, a Windows based computer, and a thermal receipt printer into a single compact unit.

• 15 inch capacitive (multi-touch) touch screen
• All in One computer with Windows operating system
• Thermal receipt printer using standard 3 inch rolls

Lightspeed POS System
Lightspeed POS System
Lightspeed POS System
 NuRolPOS Compact Cash Drawer Learn More

The NuRolPOS NURCD116 is our best seller. This high quality cash drawer has heavier gauge steel construction, and a stainless steel drawer face with two media slots. The size is compact to take up a minimal amount of space. The drawer comes with a removable 5 bill / 5 coin insert tray that features steel money clips. The lock has three positions, locked, printer controlled, and manual open. These drawers are built to be tough and reliable for years of everyday use.
These cash drawers all come with the same key. If you are ordering multiple drawers, but do not want them to have the same key, chose the "Keyed Differently" lock type. There is an additional charge for each drawer as each must be changed. If more than 8 drawers are ordered, some keys may be the same.

  Drawer Size
 15.9"W x 16.7"L x 4.46"H
  Tray Layout
  5 Bill / 5 Coin

The NURCD116 is a receipt printer controlled cash drawer.

- 5 Bill / 5 Coin Till
- Printer/Cash Drawer connecting cable

Restaruant Hardware Bundle
 USB Barcode Scanner  Learn More
The NuRolPOS ION Linear Barcode Scanner is both cost-effective and high performance. It’s a no-nonsense barcode scanner with outstanding speed and scan distance. A 3-year warranty guarantees reliability. This scanner is all business. Easy to set up right out of the box, just plug it in and get to work.

• Reading distance: From 0.4" to 15.5"
• Optional presentation mode for hands-free scanning
• Reads compact 3 mil barcodes
• Reads up to 270 scans/second
• USB Connector
• 3-Year Warranty

Lightspeed POS System
Lightspeed POS System
Lightspeed POS System
 Networking Kit With Router Learn More
Basic network equipment is included with your system
Everything is pre-configured. You only need to plug it in. This kit contains a router and any cables needed to set up your system in a test environment.
The router must be used to help insure network security and PCI compliance for credit card processing, but your specific needs may require different cables to be run through your location.

Networking kit
 System Supplies Starter Kit Learn More
We include a supply kit to help get your system running.
This kit includes:
• 10 Rolls of paper for your printer

Restaruant Supplies Starter Kit
 System Build And Test Learn More
Each Point of Sale System is custom configured and thoroughly tested before shipment to minimize DOA problems and to ensure installation the implementation process can be performed problem free.

What we do to configure your POS System:
• Install Operating System with latest updates
• Install all hardware drivers
• Install Point of Sale Software
• Configure all POS hardware devices to operate with POS Software
• Test all POS hardware devices
• Configure network for multiple system setups
• Label all POS PC Ports for ease of connection of POS Components during installation
• Burn-In Systems to alleviate failures

Get your complete system for only $99 a month!

To Get Started

Useful extras for this POS system
Barcode Scanner Upgrade

Increase efficiency at the register with this high resolution scanner upgrade
$10.15 /month
Inventory Import

We can import your digital inventory file and build your database
$10.50 /month
NuRolPOS Platinum Support Plan 3 Years

Business hours support for problems software support may not cover $49.25 /month
Receipt Printer Paper

A case of 50 thermal paper rolls that work with the reciept printer that comes in this system
$2.10 /month
Under Counter Cash Drawer Mounts

Conserve counter space and mount your cash drawer out of the way $1.25 /month
Surge Protector & Battery Backup

Protect your system from electrical strikes and save data during a power outage
$3.25 /month

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