Whozz Calling 8 Line Caller ID Box

Whozz Calling 8 Line Caller ID Box


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A 8 line Caller ID box that works with
Aldelo Restaurant Software, and PC America Restaurant Pro Express.
It monitors both incoming and outgoing Caller ID on all phone lines. Great for personal and commercial applications such as POS Caller ID. The Whooz Calling 8 unit tracks who called or who was called, time and date the call was made and how long the call lasted. It sends the data to the restaurant software using a standard RS232 serial cable. Chain multiple units together to monitor up to 56 lines. The internal memory holds the last 248 calls.

• Pop-up  customer records on screen before answering each call. This allows a few moments to review the client's information before responding.

• Save time  taking orders by popping up customer records automatically. Save precious seconds during peak hours, with POS integrated Caller ID.

• Call back  customers that hang up during busy times. The units logs all calls whether answered or not.

• Inbound Caller ID  Complete Caller ID capture (Time, Date, Name & Number), call duration, line received, number of rings before answer, distinctive ring pattern (if applicable), and dialed digits after answer.

• Audit  phone usage when you're away. Unit tracks all calls even from other extensions.

• Simple  modular connections, wall mount transformer, small and lightweight. No other Caller ID device or modem required.

• Product  includes power supply, 6' RS232 serial cable, serial port loopback connector, and manual.

    Number of Lines 8 Lines
    Physical Dimensions 2"H x 8.1"W x 6.25"D
    Computer Connection 9 to 9 Pin straight-wired RS232 serial cable
    Phone Connections Modular RJ14 (4 Wire) cable
    Power Supply External Input: 120V, 350mA Output: 9VDC Unregulated

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