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Lightspeed Restaurant Offline Mode Server


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The Lightspeed Lite Server is a device that allows your lightspeed restaurant system to keep working when your point of sale system has no internet connection. We are only able to sell this product to Lightspeed customers listing Nurol as the dealer of record.
The Lite Server connects to your tablets and Lightspeed's internet server. It maintains a local database, and continually backs this up with Lightspeed's servers. This allows you to continue to run your system even if internet connection is lost. NOTE, while you can continue taking and completing orders, you can NOT process credit cards without a working internet connection.

The Lite Server supports up to five tablet stations.

This system Includes:
• Lightspeed for Restaurants Lite Server

    Software Included Lightspeed for Restaurants is preinstalled
    System Included Pre-configured Lite Server device
    Credit Card Processing None

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