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Inventory Tracking Made Easy by RedBeam
Accurate inventory balances with frequent counts are key to knowing stock levels, out of stock items, and inventory values. Effectively tracking this information is crucial. RedBeam has proven control tools to make this process easier and increase profitability.
Inventory tracking
RedBeam can improve your control of parts, supplies, or product inventory. Your company will benefit with:
  • Cost Savings
  • Added Efficiency
  • Better Organization
  • More Accurate Data
  • Improved Security
  • Trend Visibility
How the system works
Item and Location Tags RedBeam works with built in barcode label printing, existing manufacturer's skus, and location labels that can be applied to shelves or bins. This allows the customization of receiving and issuing items based on their size, quantity or speed of stock movement. The software also offers the ability to print a barcode product catalog.
Track Inventory Changes Controlling inventory relies on data collected and recorded by people. Therefore, the process of tracking stock level changes and movements needs to be easy and accurate. RedBeam does this through user friendly software and compatibility with range scanners and recording devices allowing an ideal inventory management process that can be tuned to your needs.
Inventory Reporting Quickly and easily check the availability of your inventory with RedBeam. Robust reporting functionality provides inventory level visibility as well as searching and reordering capabilities. With this you can save time as well as minimize out-of-stock and overstock situations.
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RedBeam Inventory Tracking
Track Inventory Start tracking and stop guessing. RedBeam puts the “control” in inventory control software. Quickly receive, move and issue items or parts using proven barcode technology. The inventory system tracks lot and serial numbers, expiration dates and reference numbers as needed. All transactions are date, time and user stamped to give you complete visibility. Conduct Inventories Do you take daily, weekly or monthly item counts? The best way to make sure your inventory information is accurate is to take a physical inventory or cycle count. RedBeam inventory system software is specifically designed to streamline this process. Simply scan the location, scan the items, and move on to the next location. Improve employee efficiency and save time automating this often tedious but necessary process with RedBeam. Multiple Locations Do you have have multiple locations? RedBeam was built with you in mind. We understand that effective inventory control at multiple locations is even more important because you need to coordinate inventory levels by location based on demand and a number of other factors. Install RedBeam at as many sites as you need. Role-based user security allows you to restrict employee access to locations and functionality.
Useful Reports Better inventory and transaction information leads to better stockroom management decisions. RedBeam Inventory Tracking’s flexible and powerful reporting capability can help you to stay ahead of demand, keep the right amount of inventory on hand and speed up your ordering process. Over time, you’ll start to see purchasing and usage patterns emerge that can play a vital role in the financial health of your business. Import Your Spreadsheet Many organizations (even ones that use fully automated warehouse management or ERP systems) have a tendency to track their stockroom inventory manually with a spreadsheet or a clipboard. These time-consuming manual methods can drag down employee productivity, may cost more money and are definitely more prone to error. Once you’ve made the decision to automate, you can simply import your existing list into the system. Passion for Inventory Control There are only ever two problems with stockroom inventory - too much or not enough. We’ve been helping customers improve their inventory processes for over ten years and we understand inventory control inside and out. From system setup and use to tips and tricks, we're here to help you get your inventory management software up and running quickly. Our inventory specialists are ready and waiting to assist you.

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    Desktop Features
  • One-time purchase with optional annual support
  • Stand-alone workstation and network versions available
  • Includes Microsoft SQL Server Express database
  • Install on full Microsoft SQL Server
  • Role-based user security with ability to restrict access by location
  • Standard fields include item ID, description, item type, manufacturer and more
  • Caption override and custom user fields
  • Add item images
  • Set reorder levels by location and vendor
  • Add data manually or import via Microsoft Excel with validation
  • Scheduled backups
  • Unlimited items or SKUs
  • Receive, move and issue inventory items
  • Mass move and adjust inventory
  • Ability to reference PO or other transaction information
  • Record serial, lot number or expiration date
  • Sort and search asset database
  • View inventory levels by location
  • All transactions are date, time and user stamped
  • Print labels during transaction
  • Create, take and manage physical inventories or cycle counts
  • Print barcoded scan sheets
  • Unlimited filter and grouping
  • Filter inventory data by location, item type, manufacturer or vendor
  • Inventory reports include reorder, negative inventory, out of stock and overstock
  • Physical inventory reports show counts, variance, value and more
  • Transactions reports show receipts, issues and movements
  • Add data manually or import via Microsoft Excel with validation
  • Report on serial or lot numbers and expiration dates
  • Built-in label printing
  • Laserjet and thermal-transfer barcode label printers supported
  • Standard and custom label size support
  • Print single labels, sequential or from the database
  • Print both location and item labels
  • Customizable text, including font and size

•This license version of the software is good for up to 5 users.
•The software and license information will be shipped to you.
    Compatible Operating Systems Windows® XP, 2003, Vista or Windows® 7, Windows 8
    Tech Support Fee based Tech Support Available
    Software Demo Available
    System Requirements Pentium® IV or Greater Processor
    512 MB RAM
    1 Gig Free Hard Disk Space
    Microsoft® SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 or 2008R2 (if more than 10 concurrent users)
    Software Return Policy Not Returnable

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