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Point of Sale System
for Restaurants
POS for modern restauranteurs
Lightspeed is a full featured cloud-based tablet point of sale for restaurants
Vend basic pos system

Vend on an iPad

Vend on an iPad

Take Orders 
A visual, touchable menu that lets you instantly send orders straight from the table to the kitchen or bar.
Run Your Restaurant 
Log in to design your floor plan, create your menu, or see how well you’re doing with on-demand reports.
Manage Tables 
Assign a seat for each customer, seamlessly merge and move tables, and split bills with ease.
Easy Setup 
With each system we include:
• 2 hours of over the phone/web manager's training
• Over the phone/web installation support
Optional services available:
• Menu Creation Support
  We will help you get your menu built into Lightspeed for restaurants.

Onsite support services are available to our local Atlanta Ga. area customers.
Additional charges apply*
NuRolPOS is a Lightspeed Authorized Reseller located in Atlanta Georgia
Lightspeed is ideal for: 
   Fine Dinning
   Casual Dinning
   Takeout & Delivery
  …Most any restaurant environment

These are just some of the features you will find in Lightspeed POS for restaurants.

• Accept payments anywhere.
Use an integrated card swipe or an external terminal to accept payment at the table or at a front counter.

• Customize to your needs.
Lightspeed Restaurant is built with flexibility in mind. That’s why you can customize the functions and placement of different buttons throughout the app.

• Online power. Offline reliability.
Because it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about hosting it yourself. But it also works offline, thanks to a failsafe router and a local network.

• Simple order customization.
When creating your menu, it’s easy to add cooking options (like rare or well-done), drink options (no ice), and toppings, with full pricing flexibility.

• Track trends and numbers.
Lightspeed Restaurant’s built-in reports give you the knowledge you need to track your success and adapt your menu.

• Supports multiple languages.
Each member of your team can use Lightspeed Restaurant in the language they’re most comfortable with.

• Power without clutter.
We’ve simplified the interface by displaying only the most crucial elements at all times. Advanced features are just a tap away.

• Instantly submit orders.
Take orders quickly and send them straight from the table to the kitchen or bar, using an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

• Drag-and-drop table layout.
Create custom floor plans with distinct sections (e.g. dining room, terrace). Need to move some tables around? It’s as easy as swiping, even during a shift.

• Create your menu online.
Build every item on your menu, complete with photos, descriptive names, and prices. Any changes are sent to all of your restaurants immediately.

• Unlimited staff accounts.
Give every member of your team their own Lightspeed Restaurant POS account, complete with their own access privileges and settings.

• Print orders anywhere.
Install printers at your counter, in the kitchen, at the bar, or anywhere else, each with their own customizable layouts and languages.

Want to learn more about Lightspeed, and what it can do?
Check out these videos

Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have.

NuRol and Lightspeed are a winning combination

NuRol can help you implement a system that meets your current requirements as well as allow for future growth.

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From retail to salon, we can help you pick best of breed add-ons to tailor Vend for your specific needs.


No need key in your inventory by hand. Lightspeed can work with your suppliers to ensure your inventory is correctly imported and updated.


NuRol offers everything from basic phone or web support to total services solutions. Onsite support available to our local Atlanta Georgia customers.


Lightspeed works with most card providers.
NuRol can supply you with great options that could save you a lot of money.

Multi- location

Whether you have one store or ten, Lightspeed can handle them smoothly. Our services help you grow fast, and with complete control.


No need to tie up cash. We can help you get the tools you need at a great monthly price.


We have all the hardware and knowledge to help you choose.
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We have the consumbable items to keep your system running.
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Lightspeed Restaurant POS Pricing


$ 69 00
per month


$ 129 00
per month


$ 249 00
per month

Single Location

1 register included
Maximum 1 register
2 Printers allowed
Secure Cloud Backup
Support Included

Single Location

3 registers included
Maximum 3 registers
4 Printers allowed
Secure Cloud Backup
Support Included

Single Location

7 registers included
Additional Registers Available
Unlimited printers
Secure Cloud Backup
Support Included
$29/month each additional register

Prices based on annually paid plans
Lightspeed POS Plan Details
• Monthly paid plans include online chat support only.
Support available 11am to 8pm EST.
• Annually paid plans include phone based support.
Support available 24/7
• Annually paid plans offer the best value.

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