PaySafe Connect Managed Security and Firewall Service with WiFi

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PaySafe Connect provides isolation, security and redundancy for encrypted payment applications and devices. The payments traffic can be isolated to ControlScan Secure Network Gateways and backed up with high-speed cellular connection from each retail location. PaySafe Connect is designed for PCI B-IP merchants that are using (semi-integrated) payment terminals connected to your network and communicating non card data with cloud based software.

ControlScan’s PaySafe Connect service is a fully monitored, managed, security service for PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) B-IP merchants. SAQ B-IP refers to the requirements applicable to merchants who process cardholder data only via standalone, PTS-approved point-of-interaction (POI) devices with an IP connection to the payment processor. ControlScan’s ongoing monitoring and management of appliances deployed on the edge of sensitive environments is reinforced with proactive, bi-annual audits of firewall configurations. As security best practices mature, firewall services and configurations are dynamically updated as well.

PaySafe Connect includes:
1. Manage Connect Service
2. PaySafe Connect software license
3. Zone router with firewall
4. USB Cellular failover backup
5. PaySafe WiFi managed access point

PCI B-IP Applications:
1. Heartland Restaurant (Mobilebytes) with network Pax S300 or wireless D210 payment terminals
2. Lightspeed Retail with network or wireless Dejavoo Z series payment terminals
3. SpotOn emaginePOS with network Pax S300 payment terminals
4. Most cloud based software with encrypted card readers attached to an iPad

1. Content Filtering controls which websites your employees and customer are able to access
2. Cellular Backup for business critical functions when you internet is down
3. WiFi usage management allows you to control how much bandwidth is allocated to functions such as payments, access to cloud POS software

PaySafe Connect is all inclusive and priced per month. Contact NuRolPOS for more info and pricing details


ControlScan offers a lifetime warranty on all subscription products

Additional Details

PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire:
Cloud based only
Payment Device:
Separate - network connected

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