HP-122N manual cash drawer with under counter mounts side view
  • HP-122N manual cash drawer with under counter mounts side view
  • HP-122N manual cash drawer
  • Under counter mounts
  • under counter mounts for HP-121 manual cash drawer
  • HP-122N manual cash drawer open
  • MS Cash Drawer MoneyTray

MS HP-122N Under Counter Manual Cash Drawer Bundle


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This under counter mountable cash drawer includes both
cash drawer and under counter mounts.

HP-122N Manual Cash Drawer from M-S Cash Drawer
This is an ideal drawer for anyone who needs a simple, reliable, high volume manual cash drawer.
Push the face of the drawer in and it pops open, then simply press it back to close it.
This allows quick easy access to the money tray and speeds up every transaction. 

The HP122N works well in toll booths, school cafeterias, DMV offices and any high volume location.

These cash drawers all come with the same key. If you are ordering multiple drawers, but do not want them to have the same key, chose the "Keyed Differently" lock type. There is an additional charge for each drawer as each must be changed. If more than 20 drawers are ordered, some keys may be the same.

The Under Counter Mounting Brackets provide secure mounting of the cash drawer under the counter and out of sight. These cash drawer under counter mounts come complete with mounting screws.

  Drawer Size
 18.8"W x 15.2"L x 4.58"H
  Tray Layout
  5 Bill / 5 Coin

The HP-122N is a manually controlled cash drawer.
- 4 Bill / 4 Coin Till
- Under Counter Mounting Brackets
• Additional Standard Insert Till (4 Bill / 4 Coin) - MST730413S

    Drawer Dimensions 18.8"W x 15.2"L x 4.58"H
    Money Tray Details Removable ABS Plastic, Fixed 5 Bill / 5 Coin Compartments, Steel Bill Weights
    Lock Details Two Function Center-Key Lock (manual release and drawer lock)
    Features Durable Manual Open Mechanism, Compact Size, Under-counter Option
    Warranty 2 Year Depot Parts & labor

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