Heartland As a Service Products

What is the heartland SAAS/PAAS model?
1. SAAS: Software as a service (SAAS) is the rental of business specific software that is always up to date and includes dedicated 24/7 customer support.
2. PAAS: POS as a service (PAAS) is the rental of POS equipment such as terminals and printers. This model shifts the maintenance responsibility of the hardware from the merchant to Heartland Payments. You pay a fixed monthly cost and don’t have to worry about surprise expenses if a terminal or a peripheral fails.

What are the advantages of the heartland SAAS/PAAS model?
1. Tax Advantage: SAAS/PAAS models are OPEX expenses. The total cost is an Operating Expense taken in the current term rather than spreading out those costs over a multi-year timeframe as a Capital Expense (CAPEX).
2. Don’t Tie up Credit: Approved Heartland merchant processing contracts guarantee access to SAAS/PAAS offerings with no additional credit checks.
3. Lower Up-Front Costs: SAAS/PAAS models don’t require you to purchase the entire system up front. This gives you flexibility to make other key purchases and keeps liquidity high.
4. Services is Built in: With SAAS/PAAS Heartland is responsible for the equipment and phone support is included giving you peace of mind to focus on your business.
5. No Surprises: Your fixed monthly cost doesn’t change throughout the life of the agreement.
6. System Refresh: Keep your system current with a refresh every 36 month (new agreement required).

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