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Cloud POS for Restaurants

Heartland Restaurant cloud POS leverages the power, convenience, and simplicity of Apple’s iPad hardware along with cloud server technology to create a point of sale system for a variety of restaurant environments.
The Heartland Restaurant POS Software (Mobilebytes) is a powerful, cloud-based point of sale that keeps restaurant operations humming and customers raving.
It is an all-in-one platform that integrates with self order kiosks, mobile ordering, a guest application, gift cards and loyalty programs.
Designed for fine, casual and quick service dining environments, the platform streamlines operations -- front to back – to make it easier for restaurant owners to manage and grow their business from table side to delivery, kiosk to kitchen, and from counter top to online.

Point of sale software should provide a substantial return on your investment. Let us show you how Heartland Restaurant Cloud POS can increase your restaurant's sales and profitability with minimum upfront expenses and a simple monthly fee.

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Powerful Features

  • Quick Checkout
    • Tap an item, then tap, dip or swipe a card
    • Out-of-scope credit card processing for Swipe or EMV. Securely take EMV chip cards, Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ while also reducing fraud and chargebacks
    • Sophisticated and intuitive check splitting - Split checks with ease by seat, guest and payment method
    • Tableside ordering and payments with signature capture - Customers can tip and sign on iPad touchscreen
    • Customers can use Heartland Guest application to order ahead, scan their check to pay, use loyalty points, and choose between a text, email or paper receipt
  • Streamline Operations / Reduce Costs
    • Guests on the waitlist can receive a text message when their table is ready eliminating costly pagers
    • Prep stations have a consolidated, real time view of all orders coming from table, counter, bar, kiosk and online
    • Cooks receive display prompts to perfectly pace orders
    • Kitchen displays ensure all the food for a table’s guests arrives together - Also print to kitchen printers
    • Delivery Driver dispatch with turn-by-turn mapping instructions via text - Perfect for pizza delivery!
    • Caller ID identifies who is calling your restaurant to place an order, and you can see customer’s order history
    • View staff scheduling / shifts with integrated employee time and attendance with photo verification
  • Cloud Driven
    • Tracks orders, payments, customer history and operations in the cloud – to provide anywhere, anytime access and real time visibility
    • When the Internet goes down – you continue to take orders, payments and print tickets - Internet cellular failover option available - never be without internet
    • Restaurant data is continually backed up and secured with end-to-end encryption - no need to perform daily backups
  • Mobile Point of Sale - Take Orders And Payments At The Table
    • Turn more tables per shift/day
    • Speed up order entry, food delivery and payment time
    • Line-bust with ease to quickly reduce crowds in quick-service restaurants
    • Increase average check by allowing customers to place appetizer and drink orders quickly and easily
  • Turn Guests Into Regulars
    • See and redeem loyalty points earned on purchases
    • Load, redeem and check gift card balances
    • Customers can submit feedback via the Heartland Guest application about what they love and anything that needs improving
Heartland Restaurant System Simplicity Enclosure
Heartland Restaurant Scan QR Code To Order OR Pay at The Table
Heartland Restaurant System in Pro Enclosure

Heartland Restaurant Mobile Point of Sale

Included Features - One Integrated Suite of POS Applications

  • Point of sale with conversational ordering
  • Enter orders in the same logical sequence the customers verbalize them to you.
  • Heartland Guest Engagement app for iOS and Android
    With the Heartland Restaurant Guest App, guests are connected directly to their favorite restaurants. Using iBeacon technology, the app alerts guests when they enter a participating restaurant and invites them to skip the line, decreasing wait times and increasing satisfaction. Additionally, guests can use their mobile devices to scan receipts to pay quickly and earn rewards for future deals. Plus, every scanned receipt is automatically saved in the app, allowing users to look back at their past orders and reorder them with a click of a button. The Heartland Restaurant Guest App makes it easy to explore and discover participating restaurants where guests can enjoy an exceptional dining experience.
    • Notify your guests to ‘Skip the Line’ upon arrival
    • Built-in Loyalty program with ‘Rewards’
    • Scan receipts to pay & earn rewards
    • Place mobile orders with ‘Order Ahead’
    • Keep track of past orders with ‘Order History’
  • Mobile responsive Online Ordering
    The Heartland Restaurant fully-integrated solution for accepting online orders directly on your POS gives your customers the ability to order from anywhere for pickup or delivery with a user-friendly interface. Online Ordering is included with the Heartland Restaurant suite of powerful features, at no additional cost.
    • Enhance your online presence
    • Setup in minutes
    • Mobile-responsive smartphone experience
    • Fully integrated into Heartland Restaurant Cloud POS for Restaurants
    • Styled to fit your brand
  • Mobile responsive management website for setup and reporting
    Create and manage your staff members, menu items, room layouts, and everything else you need to keep your restaurant up-to-date all from your laptop or smartphone. Whether you’re at home, on vacation, or in your restaurant, our intuitive, mobile responsive interface makes it easy to stay up-to-date with your restaurant’s operations anytime, anywhere.
  • Host waitlist management with text messaging
    With Heartland Restaurant keep track of guests and manage your waitlist with the directly-integrated system. Add guests and send texts to their mobile phones when their tables are ready, drag and drop names to their assigned tables, and add previously ordered menu items to new tickets.
    • Add and keep track of guests from arrival
    • Send text messages to mobile phones when tables are ready
    • Drag and drop guests to their tables
    • Add previously ordered menu items to new tickets
    • No need for physical, costly buzzers
  • Built-in time and attendance with photo verification
    Employees can clock in and out for shifts from the app with a photo taken for proof of authenticity. Administrators can access employee Time and Attendance reports and manually edit shifts from the point of sale system or the backend Heartland Restaurant management website.
    • Direct integration with Heartland Restaurant POS
    • Increase accountability with photo verification
    • Report on employee time and attendance
    • Manage employee punches with ease
  • Electronic kitchen display (KDS) – Also print to kitchen printers
    With Heartland Restaurant’s Kitchen Display System, orders are automatically sent to iPads in the kitchen from your servers, eliminating paper trails and wait times and minimizing restaurant confusion. When changes occur, Heartland Restaurant KDS immediately updates and inserts changes to the order, increasing the speed of service.
    • Quick configuration view allows you to view one or two rows, change font sizes, and more!
    • Color-formatted time alerts
    • Orders shown split up by course and/or seat
    • Swipe to recall and restore orders
    • Voided orders are clear and concise
    • No paper necessary
  • Self Order Kiosk
    You don’t have to be a large, national chain to be able to afford the benefits of kiosk ordering. Heartland Restaurant Self Order Kiosk is an in-store, customer facing interface that enables guests to place their own orders. The Heartland Restaurant Self Order Kiosk app can be loaded onto stationary iPads anywhere in the restaurant, prompts customers through the ordering process, and accepts credit card payments for orders. Customers using Self Order Kiosk can bypass counter lines for faster, more accurate order entry.
  • Growing list of integration partners such as:
    • Checkmate - Eliminate third party online ordering tablets – orders seamlessly download and print directly in your kitchen - More Info on Checkmate

Heartland Restaurant Cloud Management

Heartland Restaurant Kitchen Display

Heartland Restaurant Integrated Online Ordering

Heartland Restaurant Guest Application

Extends your business and enhances the customer experience.
  • When guests are close to your restaurant, automatically send reminders to them about your business and ongoing offers.
  • Help your restaurant provide quicker service by allowing customers to skip the line when both ordering and paying.
  • Turn tables faster by enabling customers to pay when they want with scan to pay on their mobile device.
Heartland Restaurant Guest App Heartland Restaurant Skip The Line Heartland Restaurant Scan to Pay Heartland Restaurant Guest Reward Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering Heartland Restaurant Customer Proximity

Download The Heartland Restaurant Guest App

Download HRPOS Guest App from Google Play Download HRPOS Guest App from Google Play

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