QSR's ConnectSmart Kitchen now integrates with Heartland Restaurant

QSR's ConnectSmart Kitchen now integrates with Heartland Restaurant

Published by Heartland POS and NuRolPOS in Atlanta Georgia on Jun 18th 2020

Help restaurateurs connect front of house (FOH) with back of house (BOH).

Meet QSR’s ConnectSmart® Kitchen, the first kitchen display system that integrates with Heartland Restaurant. Together, this customizable, cloud-based system links the FOH and BOH, creating a better work environment and dining experience. It speeds up ticket times and gives your restaurateurs access to actionable kitchen data so they can make decisions on the fly.

But better decision making isn't its only advantage. With this cloud-based system, your customers can add additional display screens as you grow. And since it's completely digital, the next roll of kitchen printer paper they replace will be the last.

Thanks to this new integration, you can now sell restaurateurs a complete restaurant management solution. Heartland Restaurant with ConnectSmart Kitchen is perfect for dine-in and quick-serve restaurants, but any establishment with a kitchen can benefit, even pubs and food trucks.