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Stand alone licenses of RMS are no longer available. This is only available as an addition to existing Microsoft RMS Licenses.

Microsoft ended new customer sales (i.e. mainstream support) of their popular RMS 2.0 retail software in July of 2016. However, they pledged support (no enhancements or upgrades) for the product until July 2021. If you currently have Microsoft RMS, you can add licenses with up to date maintenance and purchase maintenance plans until 2021. RMS is still a viable and proven retail application with continued support and plug in options available for PCI compliant and EMV card processing options. The most current version of RMS is 2.0.2.

• This software is a download; no physical copy available.
• A product key will be sent in a separate email from your order invoice.
• Licenses / Serial numbers require a minimum of 5 business days for Microsoft to process.
• An email will be sent with license information as soon as Microsoft makes it available. • Existing User licenses must be current with Microsoft Maintenance.

Pricing Includes Microsoft Annual Maintenance Plan

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations POS Software
This is a complete point of sale and retail management solution for individual retail stores or chains of stores. It enables cashiers to process transactions and serve customers quickly and effectively. Store managers are able to maintain tight control over inventory, pricing, suppliers, promotions, customer information, and reporting. Store Operations POS software supports PC-based POS systems, variable payment types, instant inventory look-ups, and customized service. It enables retailers to use the Point of Sale system to recommend products to customers and provide personalized service.

Store Operations automates many routine business tasks, such as inventory management and updating of prices. It has a large selection of pre-defined and custom reports to make every aspect of business operations transparent, including analysis for promotions and marketing efforts and the ability to compare the sales performance of selected inventory items and team members. Store Operations allows cashiers to connect outside of Microsoft Retail Management System, via the Internet, to leading third-party service providers such as FedEx. In addition, Store Operations offers integrated, online credit and debit card processing. Store Operations works with the Microsoft Office System and can be integrated with popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Business Solutions financial management applications.

How can Microsoft Retail Management System help you?
This powerful retail software package runs on personal computers and helps you manage a wide range of store operations and customer marketing tasks, including:

• Point-of-sale operations
• Inventory control and tracking
• Pricing, sales, and promotions
• Customer management and marketing
• Employee management
• Customized reports
• Information security


Software licenses are not returnable. Please contact us with questions before you make a purchase

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