Act now, Microsoft RMS End of Life is June 30th, 2021

Act now, Microsoft RMS End of Life is June 30th, 2021

Published by NuRolPOS in Atlanta Georgia on Feb 25th 2021

After June 30th 2021, Microsoft RMS will no longer be sold or supported.

Retail Management Hero (RMH) is a complete retail management solution that was made to replace Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Easily transfer all of your important historical sales, inventory and customer data from RMS to the new RMH.

What Does This Mean For You
Microsoft RMS will probably continue to run without any problems. With no future updates or fixes available for the RMS software, there is a reasonable possibility that a Windows update could make the RMS software inoperable.

Can you afford to take the risk of your business being down should this happen? ...... There are no guarantees!!

You will also no longer be able to purchase RMS Store or HQ licenses. If you decide to continue using RMS and will possibly need additional licenses in the future, you will need to purchase them prior to June 30th.

Update Your POS System
Already looking for a Microsoft RMS replacement? We’ve got you covered. With Retail Management Hero the functionality is very similar to RMS. NuRol Point of Sale can walk you through the differences before you migrate to ensure your needs are met and the impact is minimized. RMH is based on the highly successful RMS system so keeping your data, existing hardware and just about anything else tied to your current system can be easily upgraded.

RMH includes most of the features that you love in RMS, and introduces many new capabilities not found in RMS too. Many of the hot keys, for example, do the same in RMH as they do in RMS. Also, RMH supports the majority of hardware supported by RMS, avoiding the expense of costly POS Hardware upgrades.