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POS Integration with
Online Orders Now

Online Orders Now is a fully integrated internet ordering system. Your customers access the online ordering menu using a standard web browser. After which, they can browse menu items, choose desired selections, select additional options and side items, and designate payment options. Once the order is placed, the software automatically places it into your restaurant’s POS system which instantly prints the order on kitchen and receipt printers.
All of this while your customer is still online … Just like having an invisible cashier.

Phone # Log In
Customers log in by phone number - No Username or Password.

Automatic Suggested Upsells
You can specify which additional menu items are automatically suggested based upon the customer’s choices.

My Way Ordering
Reorder each and every item the way it was ordered the last time.

Premium Mobile Ordering (additional cost)
Customers can place their orders on their mobile phone – No App download required

Delivery Area Mapping
Customers can see exactly where your restaurant is located and your delivery area with a single click. Delivery charges calculated by flat Rate or percentage.

Multiple Location Support
If you have multiple locations, each location can have a unique set of menu items and prices while maintaining a single consistent online presence.

Administration Menu
Your manager account allows you at any time to modify the site settings such as:
• Menu Items and Pricing
• Temporarily remove an item
• Change Delivery Times

Email and Cell Phone Marketing
Your customers have the opportunity to “opt-in” and receive special offers via text messages on their cell phone. This allows you to push real time specials and boost sales during slow periods.

Your Website Themed Menu Build
Your logo, along with your choice of background, borders and colors to match your website or your restaurant theme.

service can be paid two ways.
Online Orders Now is available for a flat fee of $149.95 per month.


Online ordering solutions are custom and non-returnable.

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