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ID Tech MiniMag II Card Reader - Tracks 1 and 2

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The ID Tech MiniMag II card reader is a basic non EMV or encrypted reader that reads track 1 & 2 credit cards and employee ID cards with a magnetic stripe. Good value with no data protection.

The ID Tech IDMB-3331-12 MiniMag Intelligent Swipe Reader is a 2 track device designed for POS and desktop applications where space is at a premium. Its reliability and low price make it a popular choice among small retailers and restaurants. This reader reads the data on tracks 1 and 2 found on credit cards, gift cards, employee cards and any card with a magnetic stripe.

The reader is just 90mm long (about the length of a credit card), giving it the smallest footprint of any unit with comparable features. The IDTech MiniMag Intelligent Swipe Reader delivers exceptional functionality and value in the smallest possible package. It can be used as a free standing unit, attached via adhesive hook and loop, or permanently mounted using the threaded inserts in the bottom of the reader. (The cable can exit through the bottom as well.) It has a USB interface, and the reader comes in black.


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