Microsoft RMS upgrade process to Retail Management Hero (RMH)

Published by NuRolPOS in Atlanta Georgia on Aug 6th 2021

Microsoft RMS has been discontinued.
As of July 2021, you can no longer purchase additional licenses, locations or maintenance plans for RMS. You can transition from RMS to Retail Management Hero (RMH) and keep a significant amount of your existing database going forward. RMH has improved greatly since its introduction and we are comfortable recommending the transition.
Please Contact Us to discuss your options.

Retail Management Hero POS Software with Enhancement Plan

Retail Management Hero (RMH) and RMH Central is a complete retail management solution that was developed to replace Microsoft Dynamics RMS enabling you to easily transfer all of your important historical sales, inventory and customer data. With no future updates for the RMS software, there is a reasonable possibility that a Windows update could make the RMS software inoperable. Can you afford the risk of your business being down should this happen?

With RMH the functionality is very similar to RMS. NuRol Point of Sale can walk you through the differences before you migrate to ensure your needs are met and the impact is minimized. RMH is based on the highly successful RMS POS software, so you are able keeping your data, use existing hardware and in many cases use your third party software integrations. RMH includes most of the features that you love in RMS, and introduces many new capabilities not found in RMS too such as a built in loyalty program. Many of the hot keys, for example, do the same in RMH as they do in RMS.

RMH is locally installed software that is ideal for small to medium size retail businesses. The user interface is touchscreen friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn to use. Retail Management Hero POS software can be expanded for more functionality such as e-commerce solutions, through a multitude of third-party add on integrations. Retail Management Hero is designed to meet your retail needs now as well as expand for the future.

RMH comes ready for the latest credit card processing technologies. It has built in integrations to payment gateways and processors offering the flexibility to accept EMV cards, gift cards, EBT, cashback and more. Retail Management Hero is ready to handle all of your retail transactions. Also included is the first year of Retail Realm's Enhancement Plan including software updates and access to their Gemini support platform. Retail Management Hero is the Microsoft RMS replacement software.

The above price includes a perpetual software license for one station and two manager's stations. Also included is 1 year access to software updates. The prices doesn't include our services as each situation is different.

RMS Upgrade Process

The upgrade process is broken down into two phases: Discovery and Implementation.
Phase 1: (Testing Viability of RMS Database)
*Max of 5 Hours - additional time charged at $160.00 per hour*
1. Creating a copy of your RMS database and transferring it to our lab system.
2. Converting the RMS database to RMH in our lab to make sure they will convert over to RMH without issues.
3. Test the integrity of the data by performing transactions.
4. Run reports to ensure the information output matches that in your RMS system.
5. Giving you access to the system in our lab for you verify the data is correct and the processes are working.
6. Once you verify that all is correct we move onto Phase 2.

Phase 2: Implementation
*5 Hour Blocks of Time*
1. Stage the new hardware loading all RMH and RMH Central software and POS hardware drivers.
2. Perform a trial run using the databases verified in Phase 1.
3. Ship the systems to your location.
4. Assist with installation of the systems.
6. Perform test operations as in Phase 1.
7. Go Live.
** The estimated cost for phase 2 will be determined once phase 1 is complete.

RMH Features and Improvements

• Point-of-sale operations
• Perpetual license of Retail management Hero for your first station
• Two manager's licenses
• RMH updates for one year

What can Retail Management Hero do?
This retail software package helps you manage a wide range of store operations including:
• Point-of-sale operations
• Inventory control and tracking
• Pricing, sales, and promotions
• Customer management and marketing
• Customer loyalty tracking
• Employee management
• Customized reports
• Information security

Who can Retail Management Hero help?
RMH is ideal for a wide variety of retail business.:
• Convenience Stores
• Groceries
• Gift Shops
• Liquor Stores
• Sporting Goods
• Specialty Stores
• Hardware

Most any retail store will benefit from the features in Retail Management Hero.