Whozz Calling Deluxe Ethernet Caller ID Modem

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The Whozz Calling Deluxe Ethernet Caller ID Modem works with Aldelo Express Restaurant POS Software.

The modem monitors both incoming and outgoing Caller ID on both phone lines. Great for personal and commercial applications such as POS Caller ID.
The Whozz Calling Deluxe Ethernet unit tracks who called or who was called, time and date the call was made and how long the call lasted. It sends the data to the restaurant software using a standard Ethernet RJ45 cable.
The internal memory holds the last 248 calls.

    Compatible Software:
  • Aldelo Express
  • Heartland Dinerware
  • SpotOn
  • 2 Line - Whozz Calling? 2
  • 4 Line - Whozz Calling? 4
  • 8 Line - Whozz Calling? 8
  • Pop-up customer records on screen before answering each call. This allows a few moments to review the client's information before responding.
  • Save time taking orders by popping up customer records automatically. Save precious seconds during peak hours, with POS integrated Caller ID.
  • Call back customers that hang up during busy times. The units logs all calls whether answered or not.
  • Inbound Caller ID Complete Caller ID capture (Time, Date, Name & Number), call duration, line received, number of rings before answer, distinctive ring pattern (if applicable), and dialed digits after answer.
  • Audit phone usage when you're away. Unit tracks all calls even from other extensions.
  • Simple modular connections, wall mount transformer, small and lightweight. No other Caller ID device or modem required.
  • Product includes power supply and manual.

This device is for Analog phone service only.
If you are not sure, please contact your phone service provider before placing your order.
CLICK HERE If you have VoIP phone service.


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